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David has written extensively about his views to help Olympia.  Read and watch below to find out more.

Is Ross a Democrat or a Republican?

The Mayor and Olympia City Council positions are all non-partisan. But people still want to know my political party identification. Here is my response...

Downtown Olympia Artesian Commons Park

Downtown Olympia's infamous artesian water pipe was converted into an asphalt "park" that became a hang out for street people.  What happened next was predictable and preventable.  More importantly, the Artesian Commons Park is now the key to saving downtown Olympia.

Olympia's Lack of Homelessness Response

The City of Olympia has delayed real action on homelessness for years, and most recently delayed another 6 months, until after the Olympia City Council elections.  Additionally, it took a west Olympia church stepping up with $300,000 to nudge the city to even hire a Homeless Response Coordinator.

The ROSS Plan

The Recover Olympia and the South Sound (R.O.S.S.) Plan is a community-wide response to help with housing, addiction, and mental illness in our homeless population.  Ask your local elected officials if they will pledge to support The ROSS Plan.

1. Join Built For Zero

The first element of the ROSS Plan is to change how we manage homelessness.  No more mitigation and containment.  It's time to make homelessness an issue of urgency again, NOT the new normal.  We don't complain that it's a complex issue, or that it's nationwide, or that we are waiting on someone else to fix the problem.  I support Olympia joining the Built For Zero program.

2. Join the Mayor's Challenge

I am a strong advocate for Olympia joining the Mayor's Challenge to End Veteran Homelessness.

3. Outreach and Enforcement

Olympia currently has some good starts on outreach programs working with people living outside.  While they are long overdue, current efforts primarily focus on people in crisis and trying to manage those who are the biggest nuisance downtown.  We also need an outreach effort that includes social workers embedded with law enforcement, as well as basic patrolling of local encampment areas.

4. Olympia CARE Program

Olympia should implement a city-sponsored day labor program for homeless people which would allow them to feel a sense of self-worth and dignity, and a return to knowing that they have something to contribute.

5. Ending Chronic Panhandling

Reducing and ending chronic panhandling is part of an overall approach to dismantle Olympia's pervasive street culture which sucks in at-risk youth, minors aging out of foster care, and people trying to move forward.  Rather than focusing on banning panhandling, our approach is to encourage other options for panhandlers and those who want to help.

Affordable Housing and Sustainable Growth

Over the next 20 years, Olympia is predicted to see an influx of 20,000 new residents.  That's a 40% increase in population in our city.  It could dramatically drive up housing costs and endanger housing for many.

Ross For Olympia
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